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Apples Berries Grapes
Cameo 80ct 40lb Strawberries 8/1lb Red Seedless 18lb
Red Delicious 80ct 40lb Raspberries 12/6oz Green Seedless 18lb
Red Delicious 125ct 40lb Blueberries 12/6oz
Red Delicious 175ct 40lb Blackberries 12/6oz Kiwi Fruit
Golden Delicious 80ct 40lb Cranberries 24/12oz Kiwi 36ct 36CT
Golden Delicious 175ct 40lb Kiwi 117ct 117ct
Braeburn 80ct 40lb Citrus
Braeburn 125ct 40lb Oranges Navel 56ct 40lb Melons
Braeburn 175ct 40lb Oranges Navel 72ct 40lb Cantaloupe 9ct 38lb
Pink Lady 80ct 40lb Oranges Navel 88ct 40lb Cantaloupe 12ct 38lb
Pink Lady 125ct 40lb Oranges Navel 113ct 40lb Cantaloupe 15ct 38lb
Fuji 80ct 40lb Oranges Valencia 88ct 40lb Cantaloupe
(Oregon Grown)
Fuji 125ct 40lb Oranges Valencia 113ct 40lb Honeydew 4-6ct 28lb
Fuji 175ct 40lb Oranges Bagged 5lb 10/5lb Galia 28lb
Granny Smith 88ct 40lb Oranges Blood 15 lb Crenshaw 28lb
Granny Smith 100ct 40lb Oranges Gift Boxes 20lb Juan Canary 28lb
Granny Smith 175ct 40lb Grapefruit Ruby Red 48ct Casaba 28lb
Gala 80ct 40lb Lemons 115ct 40lb Watermelon Seedless lb
Gala 125ct 40lb Lemons 95ct 40lb Watermelon w/Seeds lb
Gala 175ct 40lb Limes 175-200ct 40lb Watermelon Hermiston lb
Tangerines 25lb Carrots
Bananas Minneola Tangelos 38lb Cliptop Carrots 50lb 50lb
Bananas Ready 40lb Satsuma Mandarins 5lb Jumbo Carrots 25lb
Bananas Green Tip 40lb Clementines 5lb Juice Carrots 25lb
Bananas Firm 40lb Cello Carrots 1lb 48/1lb
Bananas Petite 150ct. 40lb Asparagus Cello carrots 2lb 24/2lb
Pears Asparagus 11lb 11/1lb Cello Carrots 5lb 10/5lb
Bartlett 44lb Asparagus 28lb 28/1lb Baby Peeled 1lb 30/1lb
Bosc 44lb Asparagus Tips 15lb Baby peeled 5lb 8/5lb
D’Anjou 44lb Asparagus Northwest 20lb Baby Peeled Carroteenies 1.6oz 200/1.6oz
Red 22lb Baby Bunched Carrots w/Tops 24ct
Local Pears 22lb Beans Carrots Julienned 5lb 4/5lb
Green Beans 15lb Carrots Slim Bites 5lb 4/5lb
Stone Fruit Green Beans 30lb Carrots Sticks 5lb 4/5lb
Apricots 24lb Sno Peas 10lb
Cherries 20lb Sugar Snap Peas 10lb Cauliflower
Nectarines 2-Layer 20lb Cauliflower 12ct 12ct
Nectarines Volume Fill 25lb Broccoli Cauliflower16ct 16ct
Peaches 2-Layer 20lb Broccoli Bunched 14ct
Peaches Volume Fill 25lb Broccoli Crowns 20lb Celery
Plums Black 25lb Broc-ettes 3lb 6/3lb Celery 24ct 24ct
Plums Red 25lb Celery 30ct 30ct
Prunes Italian/Brooks 25lb Cabbage
Green Cabbage (California) 45lb Cilantro
Misc. Fruit Green Cabbage (Local) 45lb Cilantro 30ct 30ct
Mangos 8-10ct Red Cabbage 45lb Cilantro 60ct 60ct
Papaya 5lb Bok Choy 30lb 30lb Cilantro Cleaned 1lb 4/1lb
Pineapple 6-7ct Bok Choy WGA 60lb
Pomegranates 36-42ct Napa 30lb 30lb Mushrooms
Starfruit 20ct Napa WGA 60lb #1 White Button 10lb
Savoy 45lb #1 White Medium 5lb
Avocados #1 White Medium 10lb
Hass Avocados 60ct 28lb Onions #1 White Large 10lb
Hass Avocados 70ct 28lb Green Onions 48ct #2 White Mature 10lb
Hass Avocados 48ct 28lb Iceless Green Onions 4/1dz Sliced Mature 10lb
Yellow Jumbo 50lb Crimini/Brown 5lb
Corn Yellow Medium 50lb Portobello 5lb
Yellow Corn 48ct Yellow Collossol 50lb Shiitake 10lb
White Corn 48ct Red Onions 25lb Oyster 2.5lb
Corn Bins 1000ct White Onions 50lb
Sweet Onions 40lb
Cucumbers Potatoes
Cucumbers 36ct 36ct Parsley Burbank Russet #1 50lb
Cucumbers 72ct 72ct Parsley Curly 60ct Burbank Russet #2 50lb
English Cucumbers 18ct Italian Parsley 30ct #2 Bakers 50lb
Italian Parsley 60ct 10lb Bagged Potatoes 5/10lb
Garlic 5lb Bagged Potatoes 10/5lb
Bulk Garlic 30lb 30lb Peppers Bakers 120ct 50lb
Peeled Garlic 5lb 4/5lb Green Bell Choice 25lb Bakers 100ct 50lb
Green Bell Large 25lb Bakers 90ct 50lb
Lettuce Red Bell 11lb 11lb Bakers 80ct 50lb
Iceberg Liner 24ct 24ct Red Bell 15lb 15lb Bakers 70ct 50lb
Iceberg Cello 24ct 24ct Red Bell 25lb 25lb Bakers 60ct 50lb
Shredded Iceberg 1/8″ 4/5lb Yellow Bell 11lb 11lb Bakers 50ct 50lb
Shredded Iceberg 1/4″ 4/5lb Yellow Bell 15lb 15lb Red Potatoes “A” Size 50lb
Butter Lettuce 24ct Orange Bell 11lb 11lb Red Potatoes “B” Size 50lb
Green Leaf 24ct Anaheim 10lb Red Potatoes “C” Size 50lb
Green Leaf Crowns 10lb Habenero 10lb Red Potatoes #2 50lb
Red Leaf 24ct Jalapeno 10lb 10lb Yukon Gold “A” 50lb
Romaine 24ct Jalapeno 40lb 40lb Yukon Gold “B” 50lb
Romaine Crowns 10lb Pasilla (Poblano) 24lb
Romaine Hearts 3-pack 12/3pack Red Fresno Chili 10lb Tomatoes
Serrano 40lb 4X5 2-Layer 20lb
Potatoes (cont.) 5X5 2-Layer 20lb
Yukon Gold “C” 50lb Herbs 5X6 Volume Fill 25lb
Fingerling Potatoes 20lb Basil 1lb 1lb 6X6 Volume Fill 25lb
Sweet Potatoes Medium 40lb Baby Dill bunch #2 Grade Tomatoes 25lb
Sweet Potatoes Jumbo 40lb Chives bunch Roma 25lb
Yams Medium 40lb Mint bunch Hothouse Tray Pack 15lb
Oregano bunch On-Vine Hothouse 10lb
Radish Sage bunch Heirloom 10lb
Daikon Radishes 20lb Tarragon bunch Round Cherry 12 pint
Bunched Radishes 48ct Rosemary bunch Grape Cherry 12 pint
Thyme bunch
Root Vegetables Tomatillos
Parsnips 25lb Spinach Tomatillos 10lb 10lb
Turnips 25lb Bunched Spinach 24 bunch Tomatillos 40lb 40lb
Rutabagas 25lb Cleaned Spinach 2.5lb bag 4/2.5
Red Beets 25lb Baby Cleaned Spinach 2lb 2lb Other Vegetables
Gold Beets 25lb Baby Cleaned Spinach 1lb 6/1lb Artichokes 24ct
Chayoga Beets Brussells Sprouts 25lb
Kale Red Chard 12ct
Salad Blends Green Kale 24ct Collard Greens 24ct
Plain Salad 4/5lb Flowering Kale 24ct Ginger Root 30lb
Plain Salad 1lb Bags 12/1lb Jicama 20lb
Salad w/Romaine 4/5lb Shallots Leeks 12ct
Iceberg/Romaine Blend 4/5lb Shallots Bulk lb Eggplant 24ct
Chopped Romaine 2lb 6/2lb Shallots Peeled 5lb Rhubarb 20lb
Coleslaw 4/5lb Bean Sprouts 5lb
Spring Mix 2lb Squash
Spring Mix 1lb 6/1lb Butternut 38lb
Sweet Mix 2lb Acorn/Danish 38lb
Arugula 2lb Spaghetti 38lb
Pumpkin lb
Specialty Produce Zucchini 25lb
Baby Carrots w/ tops 12 ct Yellow Squash 25lb
Celery Root 10lb
Broccolini 12ct
Broccoli Rabe 12ct
Micro Greens 6 oz.
Frisee 12ct
Radicchio 12ct.
Belgian Endive 5 lb
Mustard Greens 12ct
Turnip Greens 12ct

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