Our Commitment to Food Safety

At Emerald Fruit and Produce, our food safety policies and procedures are in place to ensure that we provide safe and quality produce to all of our customers. 
Our goal is to follow the consolidated food safety standards of AIB International that surpass the most stringent food safety requirements set by the USDA, FDA and State Health regulations.
In our continuing food safety practices, we have methods in place to stay informed and up to date of events that may affect food safety. 
Important new information could include legislation, food safety issues, scientific and technical developments, and changes to industry codes of practice.
Our Food Safety Team actively promotes safe food handling by conducting monthly audits and continually reinforcing policies and procedures through training and education of associates.
Food Safety is our number one responsibility that we take very seriously as we serve our customers.

Our Commitment to Excellence

For your safety and that of our community's, please call ahead with your order and stay in your car when you arrive.

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